An Engineer’s Guide to Customer Service

An Engineer’s Guide to Customer Service

As an engineer, you know how to make things happen. You have gone to college, you interned or worked as an engineer, and now you own your own business serving the engineering needs of your community. You try your best to deliver the results your clients look for. You even strive to exceed their expectations. You never try to let your clients down and try your best to take responsibility and to fix mistakes when you make them. However, you might want to know how to provide excellent customer service to your clients every time. If this describes you, read the following tips below.

Impress Your Clients

You try your best to provide superior results for your client. No matter what kind of engineer you are, you give it your all. This is where impressing your client comes into play. You know clients are the lifeblood of your small business. To give your clients the best customer service, strive to impress them right off the bat. As soon as they walk in, you, your receptionist, or your secretary should greet them kindly. Having a tea, coffee, or a pitcher of water available can be a nice touch as well. The waiting room should look clean and inviting. It should be comfortable and provide an assortment of reading material or have a television on a low volume. Don’t make your client wait too long when they wait to speak with you. If a prior appointment goes over what it should, apologize for their wait and do not rush them during their appointment. Deliver outstanding results.

Think Outside the Box

When working on a project, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe your client asked for something that doesn’t fit with what you learned, your professional experience, or even with current best engineering practices. When approaching a project this way, you may find that it is easier to fulfill your client’s needs. It also shows that you are willing to try anything to deliver the results to your client.

Another way to think outside the box is to offer video chat services using a service such as Skype. This works well when your client is stuck at their office or lives far away. This certainly wows your clients and takes your customer service to the next level.

What Do Your Clients See? Gain Their Perspective

Each of your clients has their own perspective even if they have similar projects. If you want to provide the best customer service and experience, look through your client’s perspective. Think about what you would want if you were a client of your business.

Another way to gain your client’s perspective is to offer a survey or do target market research. Offering your client a survey allows them to tell you exactly what they need and want. This can help you offer better customer service.

Details Matter

Keep the details in focus. Whether it’s offering hot coffee in your waiting room or throwing in that little something extra in your work, the details matter. Going above and beyond to remember the details make your clients feel appreciated. Paying attention to the details speaks to clients and potential clients that you care.

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