Delegate Your Way to Success

Delegate Your Way to Success

Delegate Your Way to Success

Managers are continually seeking new ways to become better at effectively delegating projects. As a manger, your responsibilities increase. You become accountable not only for your assigned job duties, but also ensuring that your team successfully completes their assigned tasks. If you do not know how to delegate projects or assignments well, you could be facing negative consequences due to poor time-management. Taking on all or too many assignments with negative end results could cause you to become burned out or worse – terminated. For business owners who undertake managerial duties in your business, you face losing money and clients.

Effective delegation enables you to assign projects and tasks to capable employees. Allowing your team to take on important assignments will mean less stress for you. It presents your employees with an opportunity to grow and gain the skills they need to improve.

Follow these simple tips on how to effectively delegate:


  • Know what and when to delegate. As a manager, your focus should be on high-profile or important projects that you will have to invest time in overseeing or completing yourself. Minor projects or large projects should be handled by your team. Take the time to evaluate on-going projects and your current workload. Create a timeline and figure out what your deadline needs to be. Examine the steps needed for completion. How many elements are involved in completing the project? If the project is intensive, requires a lot of time and attention then you should consider delegating the task.
  • Know your teams’ strengths and abilities. It’s important to know what your employees are capable of doing. Assigning the right employee to the right project will ensure that it is completed in a correct and timely manner.
  • Challenge and motivate your team. Your employees want to grow and advance in their career. Consider what responsibilities will nurture their growth. Employees who are given realistic and manageable responsibilities will feel challenged. They feel like they have value in the company. There is always a learning curve. Encourage your team to take on tasks that may intimidate them but can lead to advancements.
  • Don’t shirk new methods. With delegation comes new ideas. Your team may discover new and effective ways to complete a process. One way of thinking can only hinder progress. An employee can offer fresh eyes to daily processes. Effectively streamlining can save your business time and money. It can also increase productivity and allow your business to take on more clients.
  • Observe and monitor progress. Delegation does not mean ignoring the project. Touching base with your team and asking for progress reports will help you to stay involved. Keeping up to date and tracking where the project is on the timeline can help you adjust, give guidance, or intervene as needed.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback. When your team has completed their assigned project, take a moment to assess their work. It’s important that during this process to be objective and provide positive feedback. Focusing on the negative will only discourage your team and create an environment of ill feelings and discontent. Share with your employees where they can improve and how they can improve. It also gives you a better picture on how you can improve your communication.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the quality of work produced by your team. Remember, that properly delegating can help build a successful team that will continue to grow and thrive.

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