Customer Service Tips for Personal Trainers

Customer Service Tips for Personal Trainers

Customer Service Tips for Personal Trainers

You put a lot of work into becoming a certified personal trainer. You spent time studying and putting your new skills to use with yourself and with a few others. You paid to take the certification test. You’ve started putting money into getting your name out there. Once you get clients, then what? Your number one goal isn’t just making sure that your clients improve their fitness. It’s to make sure that your clients are satisfied. Why? Because happy clients are your best source for referrals.

Put Your Phone on Vibrate

If you’re at the gym and with a client, put your phone on vibrate. Even if you’re in the process of giving a free one on one session to prove to a client that you know what they’re doing, you should make sure that your attention should be totally focused on your client. Free sessions are important. It’s also important that you give your clients the best impression that you can. When you practice common courtesy such as keeping your attention on the client during their allotted time, it makes them feel special. This is because very people, even those working as professionals, do this and because of that, a simple action like this makes your business stand out.

Yes, using your phone to answer questions, return calls, and reply to emails is important, the client in front of you is particularly important. You can check your messages when you’re not with a client and explain to anyone inquiring about your services that you’re sorry for your late reply, but that you were with a client. This has the potential of impressing those that were waiting on your reply by showing you respect the time and the money of those paying for your services.

Listen to Your Clients and Their Concerns

It’s important that you listen to your clients and their concerns during every session. Follow-up techniques after each session can also be used. Most personal trainers do a good job listening to their clients during the very first session. After all, that’s when you learn the goals of your client. However, it’s important to continue to listen because clients can have goals that change. If they feel as if you aren’t listening to them or that you’re not concerned about them as an entire person, they may not continue with you.

Talk with the Client and Not at the Client

Avoid technical jargon. Most people simply aren’t fitness experts like you. Use regular every day terms. When you introduce more complex terms, make sure that you do so in a casual way. Do not talk at the client. Make sure that you have an actual conversation with your client. Ensure that they understand what you’re talking about and ask if they have any questions or concerns. When you demonstrate something new, have them repeat it several times with you. Encourage your client and let them know when they’ve done a good job. Every time your client makes any progress, you should acknowledge it.

Need Help with Your Customer Service or Collections?

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