Client Retention – Some Things to Think About!

Client Retention – Some Things to Think About!

Retaining clients is a significant building block of any successful company. Getting new clients is always a good thing, but keeping clients will build your business even more. Clients that stay with your business do so because they are happy with your services. They tell other people which, in turn, has the potential to create more business for you without the often expensive client acquisition process. There are many different ways to keep the clients you have without risking the integrity of your business in the process. 


Let the Client Know What You Can Do for Them 


There are times when clients may not realize all the services your company offers. Keeping your clients informed of what you can do for them will allow them to come to you for more. Updating your pages and websites when new services become available will also keep your client base informed of what you can do and how you can help them further. Consider creating a follow-up policy to contact clients to check in and tell them about other services they may find beneficial. You could also create a newsletter for clients to keep them updated.  


Find Out What the Client Expects from You 


Sometimes clients have expectations of your business that they don’t bring up during their first meeting with you. It’s important to keep open communication with your clients and encourage them to ask any questions they may have, even if they think the question is silly. This gives you the opportunity to show how you can help them with whatever issue they have. If they need something that your company just doesn’t do, don’t worry. You can keep that client happy by doing a bit of research to find someone that can help with that particular request, whatever it may be. Also, using a kind and knowledgeable tone when communicating will show the client that every inquiry is important (even the silly ones) and you are there to help.  


Always Respond in a Timely Manner 


It’s very important that when a client has a question, you respond as soon as you can provide them with an answer. Whether they leave a message, send an email, or come in to your office, take the inquiry seriously and give them the information they need. On the occasions research is needed, let them know you will find out for them and when you will have an answer. If it will take longer than expected, touch base and let them know you are working on it and will get back to them as soon as you can. Quote a time that you will get back with them, even if you need more time, and stick to it. Knowing they can rely on you to do what you say is a big step in keeping clients.  


Add a Personal Touch 


When providing services to a client, check in with them. For example, after speaking to them over the phone or in office, give them a follow-up call a day or two after. You could also send a hand written note or card thanking them for their time. Let them know you enjoyed speaking with them and see if they had any other questions. Make sure they know they can always contact you or your company with any new questions they may have and outline the different ways they can do that. 


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