Why You Should Choose Hire Remote Workers

Why You Should Choose Hire Remote Workers

Why You Should Choose Hire Remote Workers 

If you own a small business, you will eventually need help in one department or another. This may be customer service, appointment setting, billing, collections, time keeping, accounts receivable, or administrative duties. You have two options. You can hire a traditional employee or hire a remote worker. There are several reasons why you should hire remotely.

Save Time

By hiring remotely, you’ll save time. This time you can use to better build your business or work on the services you offer to your clients. More time equals more money.

It only takes a few minutes to look at an online application and call or email references or look at a portfolio and testimonials. You can even choose remote workers in a different time zone than you are. This makes it feel like you’re adding more time to your day. You work during your scheduled hours and you know that you have someone who is working at other hours.

You’ll also save time on meetings. Internet-based meetings are more likely to stay on subject and allow for easier communication. Skype and email make meetings more efficient and effective.

Save Money

Did you know it is almost 40% cheaper to contract with a remote worker than it costs to hire a traditional employee? Here’s how it breaks down. Let’s say your traditional employee works full time. You may be paying a $31,000 salary for a customer service representative, plus worker’s compensation insurance (required by law in every state for most businesses), unemployment taxes, withholding FICA taxes from their paycheck’s and pay your share of the FICA taxes, and comply with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Then there is the expense of having a physical office space, phone service, Internet service, electricity, water, gas, technology, equipment, and office supplies. Depending on your industry, you may need to send your employees to continuing education classes as well. These costs mount up quickly. Of course, there’s also the cost in time and money when you first train your new employee.

When you hire a remote worker, you do away with the upkeep of extra physical office space. We work from our own location. You don’t have to keep up with the latest technology. We buy and maintain our own. You don’t have to send them to continuing education classes. That’s our responsibility as remote workers. Remote workers take fewer sick days and show more job loyalty than traditional employees.

How Hiring Remote Workers Helps Rural Businesses

If you live in a rural area, it could be harder for you to find qualified, local help. By hiring remotely, you can find individuals with qualifications and certifications. Instead of a little pond, you will have an ocean of high quality, self-driven workers to choose from. Imagine the possibilities for your business!

Productivity Is Increased

Research shows that those who work remotely are more likely to work more than 40 hours a week. Research has also shown that remote workers are often more focused than traditional employees. With fewer distractions and interruptions, remote workers complete more work and often in less time.

Clients ARM – You’re Solution to Get More Done

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