Why Choose Clients ARM for Electronic Submission of Health Insurance Claims?

Why Choose Clients ARM for Electronic Submission of Health Insurance Claims?

Why Choose Clients ARM for Electronic Submission of Health Insurance Claims?

When there are dedicated providers and software made exclusively for the electronic submission of health insurance claims, why should you choose Clients ARM? Of course, it’s a nice thought that there are exclusive services that exist when it comes to this important part of your medical practice. Yet, choosing a company or a software that only handles the electronic submission of health insurance claims can actually be detrimental to your practice.

The Problem with Relying on Software

All businesses rely on software of some sort to stay up and running. The goal of software is to make certain aspects of our daily business life easier. Yet, there is a problem with relying on software that is designed to help you electronically file health insurance claims. You still have to take time out of your busy schedule to use the software or you must pay someone to do it. If you hire someone, they may need training. If you expect a member of your office staff to do it, you could be overloading them because of their existing responsibilities. Software can be great, but it’s still something that eats into your time.

What about Dedicated Companies?

If you don’t have time in your schedule to devote to entering your own claims or if you don’t have someone designated on your team to do it, you are most likely considering the wonderful world of outsourcing. Of course, it may make the most sense to you to choose a company who does nothing else but file electronic health insurance claims. While they may be an expert at electronic filing, you could miss out on the customer service that you want and need. How long will you need to wait to hear back if there is an issue? What’s the turn around time on filing? And if they are dedicated to just providing one service, what about the other related services that you need to more efficiently manage your practice?

Why Choose Clients ARM?

With Clients ARM, you get the best of both worlds. You get electronic health insurance claims filing expertise, a dedicated Account Manager with a minimum of 10 years’ experience to file your claims using state of the art software, the customer service you deserve, and we also provide additional services to help you better manage your practice.

Not only do we provide electronic health insurance claims filing, we can also assist your patients with finding a loan that fits their needs if they can’t afford the procedure that they need. This service, Hello Finance Manager, is free for your patients to use. We can also assist your office with ICD-10 coding, patient billing, appointment setting, first party collections, patient customer services, and more. We know that electronic health insurance claims filing is a necessity and we know that you’d rather spend your time treating patients than dealing with the administrative side. Clients ARM is here to help you. With more than 30 years of experience, we are a U.S. based remote services provider who offers support for medical facilities regardless of size. Usually, partnering with Clients ARM saves you 40% when compared with hiring someone to work inside of your office. To learn more about how Clients ARM can help your medical practice, contact us and schedule your free review. Don’t forget to ask us about how we can help you with your electronic health insurance claims filing. You’ll be glad that you did!