Can Apps Really Increase Your Productivity?

Can Apps Really Increase Your Productivity?

Can apps really increase your productivity or are they just something that gives business owners one more way to be busy instead of productive? Apps, regardless of if they’re on your phone or a cloud-based application you access from your computer, can be designed for practically any purpose. There are apps for billing and accounts receivable, time management, scheduling, and even for social media. Whether an app will make your more productive or drain you of your time depends on the following factors.

Does the App Meet Your Needs?

The first factor is how well the app in question meets your needs. If you find that you have to use more than one app to handle your billing, project management, or your social media needs, you need to find a different app. Look for apps that integrate with programs or apps that you’re already using. This will help eliminate the need for double entry of a task into an app.

Take some time to think about what you really need to get out of an app to make it worth your time to use it before you choose one. Also, if you’ve determined that the app you’re using doesn’t really meet your needs, look for a new app. Yes, it can take some work to find the right app and import your business information, but the right app will ultimately save you time.

Is It Easy to Use?

For an app to be productive for you, it should be easy to use. Some apps have a small learning curve, but quickly become easier to use. If you’re struggling to use an app, look for an alternative that’s easier to learn and use.

Is It Distraction Free?

There are some wonderful free apps out there. Of course, free apps or free accounts are often subjected to advertising so that the app maker gets some sort of financial support. However, if you’re dealing with constant pop up ads or if there are other items in the app that distract you from your goal, you need a new app. If you can, upgrade to the paid version, but only if the app meets your needs.

Yet, distractions aren’t just from advertisements. If you’re prone to losing time on social media, you’ll want to choose an app that can share your updates for you at the right time while keeping the feeds of your followers or friends out of your sight.

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