Is Your Business Online and Moving Forward?

Is Your Business Online and Moving Forward?

Is Your Business Online and Moving Forward?

Core business ideas and strategies do not often change as the years go by. Over the past few years, however, the landscape of business has changed because of technological advances and the increasing presence and use of the Internet. As a business owner, you now have the opportunity to reach an audience that was once unavailable to you. You have the resources at your fingertips to do business on a national or international level at any time of day or night, and you can do business any day of the week. You can connect with your audience on a personal and professional level.

The trick to mastering technology is to keep up-to-date on the latest strategies that can work for your business.

#1 – Be Mobile

Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet. They can access email, social media, and the Internet. Your website is a click away, but is it mobile friendly? If it isn’t, you need to consider changing that as soon as possible. Nothing deters a potential client like a desktop based website uploading in the browser of a tablet or smartphone. The site is hard to read and even harder to navigate. You can take your mobile friendly business presence one step further by investing in an app or implementing QR codes.

#2 – Customer Experience

Connect with clients and listen to their feedback. You may discover ways to improve your business. It can allow you to customize your services to better fit the needs of your clients. Consider rewarding loyal customers. It can be as simple as offering a discount on services or a thank-you note with a gift card.

#3 – Embrace the Basics

The old adage of “back to the basics” is a timeless notion. Ignore the big flashy marketing trends. Design your own marketing plan: one that will appeal to the type of clients you want to attract. Streamline how you advertise and market. Use online ads to your advantage.

#4 – Create a Content Brand

What your website says about your business and services can make or break your company. Great content doesn’t just keep a prospective client visiting your page. It shows them who your business is and gives them what they are looking to find. Treat your content like a product. Sell your services through the words and imagery on your website. What can you do for a prospective client that your competitors cannot?

Creating an online presence for your company can go beyond finding prospective clients. It allows you to streamline your daily processes and offer clients more options to pay their invoices or communicate with your staff. There are many advantages to embracing technology in your business – saving you time and money. At Clients ARM we know how stressful it is to find the right resources to help you effectively market your business. We know that marketing is only one aspect of running a successful business.

Clients ARM wants to help you succeed in business. We are a full-service accounts receivable management firm and offer a variety of services tailored to meet all of your company’s needs. We are here to provide you with these services at a fraction of the cost. We have more than 30 years of experience in accounts receivable management and we have a 90% success rate in collecting on past due accounts. You focus on your clients and their needs while we handle your back-end office duties.

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