Brilliant Ways You Can Delegate Your Way to More Productivity!

Brilliant Ways You Can Delegate Your Way to More Productivity!

Delegation can make you more productive. The important thing to remember about delegation is that you must choose responsibilities that you can’t do or that don’t need to be done by you. Lawyers make good use of delegation. They use support staff to do many tasks: research, writing, editing, interviewing clients, answering phones, and billing. The lawyer is better able to use their time to do the things that only a lawyer can do by law: provide legal advice and represent clients in court. Here are some brilliant ways you can delegate your way to more productivity.

Hire a Virtual Receptionist

If you find that you’re constantly interrupted in your work flow because of your phone, it’s time to hire a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist can answer your incoming calls, answer basic questions, transfer callers to you or others, or take messages on your behalf. This increase your productivity by providing you with more uninterrupted work time. Your clients and potential clients still get the time and attention they deserve.

Delegate Your Accounts Receivable

The A/R process can take a lot of time. It requires a lot of focus. It’s part of your business that shouldn’t be left to its own devices or forgotten about for weeks or months at a time. Doing so creates the potential for you to have unpaid invoices, missing invoices, poor cash flow, and other major issues. Delegating your accounts receivable can help give you more time and keep your cash flow on track.

Account Management

As your business grows, you’ll have to figure out how to manage the process of bringing on new clients, serving current clients, and answering questions. Since your time is best spent growing your business and providing services, you should consider delegating the account management functions of your business. Qualified account managers provide your clients with the care and expertise they need and deserve so that you can do what you do best!

Stop Handling Collections In-House

Collections can be a time consuming activity for any business. It can also be a potential liability if you or your employees aren’t properly trained in collections. Federal and state law explain how collections may (and may not) be conducted. Delegating your collections to a qualified agency can help you stay in compliance with state and federal laws while helping you get paid the money that you’re owed.

Customer Care

If you’re still fielding calls to keep your customers happy and answer their billing questions, you’re losing prime time to handle or oversee projects. You should consider delegating your customer care and billing department to a US-based remote provider. Clients ARM uses old fashioned customer service principles and cutting edge technology to give your clients the experience they deserve.

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