Best Total Quality Management Practices for the Global Economy

Best Total Quality Management Practices for the Global Economy

Best Total Quality Management Practices for the Global Economy

There are many people who believe that globalization will damage every business. There are others who see globalization as an opportunity to expand their business by working with clients all over the world. Regardless of personal feelings about globalization, the economy is changing. The Internet is a great tool that can be embraced by every industry in order to continue to grow.

What Is Globalization?

Globalization is a term that is used to explain the integration that is happening between countries. It’s the exchange of ideas, processes, cultural beliefs, and even goods and services. There are some economists who believe that globalization will have a negative impact on the American economy because it broadens the talent pool. Individuals and businesses in need of help are able to look outside of their local market and sometimes outside of the country. Then again, it also gives American businesses the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses outside of the local area and in other parts of the world.

Globalization and Your Small Business

In a broad sense, globalization may affect your small business in two ways. First, it could have a negative effect. Depending on what you offer, your clients may find someone who provides the same services somewhere else in the world and they do it for a cheaper rate. Now, generally, the thought process of most people is “you get what you pay for.” However, as a business owner it is important for you to remember that many areas of the world have a much cheaper cost of living. What may seem like pocket change to us may truly be a decent amount in another part of the world.

The other globalization effect is that your target market opens up. Even if you have a professional license that’s good only in America, you can still act as a consultant or provide your expertise to individuals and other businesses around the world who are going to do business in or who are coming to America.

Because many people worry about the negative aspect of globalization, we’re going to talk about something that can keep your business competitive even when your clients may have the option to get the same services for less money.

Total Quality Management

Total quality management is a business management concept. It includes every person in your business. It means that your clients are treated how they want to be treated: like superstars. They get prompt, courteous service. Their phone calls and messages are promptly returned. They may pay a little more for your services, but that’s because they appreciate the way that they are treated.

So, who decides ‘quality’ in this scenario? Clients make this decision. You cannot decide for your client how they will define quality. Of course, you can put some parameters into place to ensure that clients are treated in a certain way. Yet, to truly know what your clients define as quality, you must find out.

One of the best ways to find out from your clients what they think of as quality service and treatment is to call them and follow-up. You create some questions that you ask after their appointment. These questions should find out how they were treated from their first contact all the way through to the end of their appointment. Are there ways that they can suggest to make the process better? Do they have questions about their bill?

Sometimes, clients aren’t comfortable voicing these things. You can make accommodations by putting together online surveys that go out after appointments. These surveys should not make contact information mandatory. It should be optional. Those who are comfortable with you calling to follow-up about their comments are welcome to leave their information. This can help encourage your clients to be truthful.

Total Quality Management and Globalization

Running a small business in America means you are likely basing your quality service on American culture and principles. When you’re small business is involved in globalization, you have to think about the culture of the potential (or actual) clients. You will have to personalize your total quality management procedures for each culture.

You may be uncomfortable and think that doing so will innately change your business away from the brand that you’ve designed and promoted. It won’t. If anything, it continues to re-enforce that you see your clients as individuals and that you respect them. It shows that you want them comfortable and happy. It creates more client loyalty.

You’ll need to do a little bit of research on the areas that you plan to reach out to or from which you have a potential client. This will help you learn about what is commonly accepted in business and what may seem offensive. For instance, America is, of course, home of the handshake and looking people in the eye. In our culture, it says that we’re paying attention. In other cultures, shaking hands is not a common business practice and looking someone directly in the eye is not seen as a sign of respect; it is seen as a sign of defiance.

Total Quality Management Requires Your Time

To ensure that your clients are getting the time, service, and attention that they deserve, you must devote most of your time to meeting the standards placed out before you. This can lead to many small business owners worrying about how to get everything done. Clients ARM is here to help. We are an American remote service that specializes in helping small businesses with their customer service, accounts receivable, client intake, billing, and more. Clients ARM has more than 30 years of experience. We pride ourselves in creating an easy, pleasant, and seamless experience for our clients…and their clients. We save our clients both time and money. Find out how Clients ARM can help you. Call us now to schedule your free review. There’s absolutely no obligation.