Best Practices for Hiring a Medical Debt Collections Agency!

Best Practices for Hiring a Medical Debt Collections Agency!

Best Practices for Hiring a Medical Debt Collections Agency

If you’re a doctor or an administrator of a healthcare facility, chances are good that you’ve already had to deal with past due accounts. Past due accounts create medical debt, and medical debt is one reason why the cost of healthcare continues to rise. Collecting on past due accounts is about more than getting the money that you’re owed. It’s about helping the economy by keeping costs low. Many healthcare professionals and facilities opt to hire a medical debt collections agency to collect on their past due accounts. How do you know if you’ve hired the right one?


When choosing the right medical debt collections agency for your needs, you must consider their experience. What is their track record of successful collection? Do they have any complaints lodged against them by the government or by individuals? If so, do any of those complaints have merit?

Customer Service Expertise

Collecting on medical debt isn’t always about brute strength. There are laws against harassment and rightfully so. Yes, it’s frustrating when people are behind on their payments. However, they’re humans and they deserve care and respect. It’s important that the collections agency you choose has a proven track record of providing compassionate, respectful services.

Industry Experts

You must also determine if the prospective medical debt collections agency is an industry expert. Do they know the laws associated with collections? Do they follow those laws? Can they provide you with knowledgeable answers to your questions? Do they have testimonials from happy clients? It’s important to know that the debt collections agency can give you the information that you need and that you can rely on them to perform their work in a lawful nature.

Budget Friendly

Think about your budget. Some agencies cost more than others. So, you should make sure that the medical debt collectors you choose fit in your budget and give you the services that you’re paying for. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you aren’t getting your money’s worth!

Client Focused

Choose a medical debt collections agency that is client focused. This means that you want to choose an agency that provides you with custom solutions to your debt needs. The agency should be able to help you determine if first party collections or third party collections are right for you. They should also have the ability to provide and implement your chosen solution.

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