Attorneys ARM: The Third-Party Collector Your Business Can Trust

Attorneys ARM: The Third-Party Collector Your Business Can Trust

Attorneys ARM: The Third-Party Collector Your Business Can Trust

You’ve been managing your accounts receivable in-house. You’ve been sending out invoices on a regular basis and following-up with clients until you discover that you have a surplus of overdue accounts. Accounts that have been overdue longer than 90 or 120 days cost your business money. Resources have been used and employees have spent time attempting to collect payment. The time has come to consider a third-party collector.

Many companies may be reluctant to turn over their past due accounts to someone outside of their office. The accounts may be overdue, but those are still your clients. How many more hours per week can your employees spend on overdue accounts? Collecting past due accounts will not continue to generate money for your business. Attempting to deal with collections in-house can cause a big headache for your company. Debt collection goes beyond continually calling the indebted client. There are laws and regulations set in place by the FTC to protect consumers. There may also be local laws that involve collections.

Third-party Collectors Are an Important Part of the Community

According to the ACA International, based on a study conducted by ACA International and Ernst and Young, third-party debt collection has an important impact on the national economy.

“These findings reinforce the critical role the third-party debt collection industry plays as a service provider in recovering unpaid consumer debt on behalf of the public, private, and non-profit sectors,” stated ACA International CEO Pat Morris. “Moreover, third-party collectors are actively engaged in their local communities as employers, volunteers, philanthropists, and taxpayers.”

Attorneys ARM Provides Accounts Receivable Management & Collection Services

By outsourcing your third party collections to Attorneys ARM, you save both time and money. Since we know the law, you can have peace of mind that your company will not be left to determine if your practices are violating the legal rights of the person who owes you money. As a collection agency, we work for you. We are a licensed collections agency in several states. We are dedicated to helping your business be successful. We work with law firms, healthcare facilities, and any service-based business of any size.

At Attorneys ARM, we offer our law firm clients professionalism and experience. We have more than 30 years of experience working with delinquent accounts. We know that the idea of outsourcing can be intimidating and scary.  We offer a variety of services that can help your business to grow, save time, and money. We provide your business with customer service that will help increase the money paid for your services. Our company can take over your collection needs, leaving you to focus on your business and provide services that your clients need.  We can assist your clients and patients in finding the funds they may need to pay you in full for your services. Our representatives have a minimum of 15 years of experience. If you are ready to save 40% or more on what your in-house collections could cost you, it may be time to book your free process review. There is no obligation. We can explain exactly how we can help get the money owed to your business.