8 Marketing Tips to Help Your Architecture Firm Grow

8 Marketing Tips to Help Your Architecture Firm Grow

Architecture firms, like any other business, need to have solid business goals in place. Your business needs a system to track clients, projects, invoice –accounts payable and receivable—and any other pertinent details associated with running your business. In order to get clients and make money, your firm needs a great marketing strategy in place. Marketing gets your business seen by potential clients. Without a marketing plan, your firm won't garner the clientele and exposure you need to grow.

Here are 8 marketing tips that will help your architecture firm:

#1 – Eye-catching Website

A website is basically a home page with a few pages of information. Anyone can have a website. Your firm should have a website that is informative and pleasing to the eye. Your website should be a vivid display of your firm's current work and concepts. Not having a website or having a boring, plain website can hurt your business. Your clients –present and future—will turn to the Internet to find you. They may be looking to see if you have a private portal for clients to check on their project statuses or simply able to find your contact details. Utilize your website to its full potential. Your website is a reflection of you. It's an extension of your firm.

#2 – Easy to Find

Your firm should be easy for clients to find on the Internet. A simple name search should place your business on the front page of a search engine. This will showcase your website and any related social media accounts. You can use simple or advanced search engine optimization techniques to help your search ratings. There are lots of great websites and books that can help you get started.

#3 – Use Imagery

A gallery of images on your website and social media accounts is key. As an architecture firm, you are dedicated to designing buildings or homes. It allows you to showcase your firm's capabilities, talents, and design styles. Using a professional photographer to capture your architectural achievements allows you to have stock images ready for advertising, award submissions, or article submissions.

#4 – Social Media

In the age of technology, businesses that do not have any social media presence are hurting their business. Nearly everyone has a social media account. Many people often may have multiple accounts. Second to search engines, social media is used as a tool to search out new businesses. Many clients turn to social media for customer service resolution. Researching and determining which social media sites are good for your firm is important. Consider the top three – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each has its pros and cons when dealing with a business based account. It's also a valuable way to network and create valuable business contacts. For networking, LinkedIn is highly recommended.

#5 – Services

When creating your marketing plan, focus on your services. Does your firm offer residential or commercial services? Once you determine your audience, researching the most effective solutions to your online and offline presence will be easier. Narrowing down what your firm specializes in, can help you to further create specific and individual marketing plans. Finding a niche market is an effective way to find new potential clients.

#6 – Leads

Using your website and social media accounts to their fullest includes using them to find leads. Providing PDF downloadable pamphlets explaining each service or program associated with your firm can help a potential client understand what you could specifically do for them. Make it easy for them to sign-up with an email address for your company newsletter. It allows you to keep in contact with visitors so that the next time they are in need of an architect for their next project your firm will be fresh on their mind.

#7 – Blog

Having an established regular blog with information related to your field, on-going projects, or advice is another effective way to interact with visitors on your website. Traffic to your website is good for business.

#8 – Partnerships

Developing a relationship with local building contractors in your area can be an important asset to your firm. It can lead to creating contracts where you work exclusively with top contractors ensuring that when they get business, your firm gets business. In some instances, developing firm relationships is a great way for setting up a referral system between your companies.

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