7 Myths About Productivity

7 Myths About Productivity

You see it everywhere. Productivity is a buzzword which comes up everywhere you turn: on the Internet, on the news, in the newspaper, in magazines, and in books. The amount of information on it can make your head spin. How do you know exactly what is fact and what is a myth when it comes to being productive? Here are seven myths you should know about productivity.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need a System

You may believe systems are boring, repetitive cycles that you do day in and day out. Though it’s true that cycles can seem both repetitive and boring, they can save you time in the long run. Systems can take time and energy to develop. It may seem like trial and error would take more time than it’s worth to develop these systems. However, contrary to popular belief, systems can make you more productive. Developing a system that works for you can clear away your work and make it easy to remember what you are doing. Systems can include to-do lists that help you remember what you can do next. Systems boost productivity as long as you choose a system that is right for you.

Myth #2: If It’s Organized, It’s Uncluttered

You organize and reorganize your desk at least once a week. Why does it become a mess just a few days later? The problem is that you are organizing, but you aren’t decluttering. Maybe you horde paper clips and tape and every time you reach into your drawer you disorganize them as you search for something else. Perhaps you don’t put your scissors back in your desk caddy because you have several pairs. You can have too much of a good thing. Declutter your office and your organization will become more organized. When you are organized and when you work in a space that is decluttered, it makes it easier for you to be productive.

Myth #3: If You’re Productive, You’ll End Up Having to Do More Work

You work hard. You don’t want to work harder and productivity sounds like more work. Productivity is not more work or harder work. In fact, productivity is the opposite. Productivity means working focused and smart. You get your work done by being productive. It’s almost like giving yourself more time in a day.

Myth #4: You Must Be Inspired to Be Productive

Productivity does not equal inspiration. If you only work hard when you are inspired or motivated, you will not get much done. Instead, focus on your task. Split it into sections if you have trouble finishing it. You can be productive without being motivated or inspired. Yes, motivation and inspiration can help, but you must motivate and inspire yourself. Don’t let a block keep you from being productive. Press through it.

Myth #5: Multitasking Is Productive!

Do you really feel like you are productive when you multitask? When you multitask, you split your attention between several tasks at once. This not only will waste time, but makes it harder for you to concentrate. It can also result in a job less than well-done for your clients. Instead, try mono-tasking. Choose one task and focus on it until it is complete or until you reach a goal that you’ve set for it for the day. Then, move to the next task. You may need to learn to manage your time so you’ll see the full benefits of mono-tasking.

Myth #6: Hustling All the Time Is Productive

Running a business is hard. You work your butt off. You hustle until 3:00 am trying to get invoices sent out. You forget to eat and drink. Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?

Stop. Hustling can be productive, but if you don’t take care of yourself, it will do more harm than good. Take a break. Fuel yourself with healthy food. Drink water. Get at least six hours (eight hours if you can) of sleep a night. Your body will thank you. If you want to be productive, take down time. Remember, busy does not mean productive.

Myth #7: Always Be Available

When your client emails you at 1:00 am, you get up and see what they need. When a client phones you in the middle of your Aunt Edna’s 89th birthday party, you take it and move to the other room while your family sings happy birthday. A client needs something major right before a deadline, you try to fit it in.

Always being available can ruin your productivity. Like always hustling, being on your client’s beck and call can backfire. Though you want to provide the best customer service, it’s important to set boundaries. You can’t be productive when you ignore your set plans.

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