6 Top Customer Service Skills!

6 Top Customer Service Skills!

There are many different aspects that make your business successful. Your intake process should be streamlined to make it easier on your employees as well as your clients. The accounts receivable department must successfully collect and apply payments on  accounts. What do these areas have in common? An ability to relate to the people your business talks with. Collections must be handled with a kind and understanding manner. Client intake must be handled in a way that’s professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of how the potential client feels. How can you make sure that every aspect of your business that involves client contact is a great experience? Customer service! Here are a few ways to create an outstanding  experience.

Taking Calls

When the phone rings, there should always be a caring voice answering that answers within the first two rings. Phone calls are still a main way clients communicate with businesses when a question arises, appointments need to be made, or when they have a problem with the company or its services. When your business is open, always make sure you have someone ready to answer the phone every time it rings. If you don’t have enough people to handle the call volume, consider a virtual receptionist to help. It’s around 40% less expensive than a traditional employee.

Have a Listening Ear

When speaking to a client, whether over the phone, email, or in person, make a true effort to listen. Listening to your clients (and what they need!) and responding accordingly is a great form of customer service. Not only are you showing that you are truly listening, they feel like more than just their words are being heard. After they finish speaking, be ready to suggest a way to solve the problem.

Be Patient

Not every client is going to get to the point quickly and that’s okay! When speaking to a client be aware that they are people, too. They may need to get some things off their chest. By giving them this opportunity, you get a glimpse of their lives outside of your business. This may not seem helpful, but it is! By being patient and letting them speak before diving into the business at hand, you show that you care, even when it isn’t making an immediate profit.

Also, being patient with clients that may come to you frustrated, confused, or just not understanding something you can help with will generally help de-escalate the situation. Frustration and confusion can lead to anger.  Showing patience when listening and speaking to clients will make a huge difference in the customer service experience.

Get Started

Being patient is great and highly recommended. However, that doesn’t mean customer service should take forever! Being able to satisfy the client in a timely manner is important, too. When you learn what you can do for the client you are helping, start immediately. Take notes, make calls, set appointments, etc. Once you know the desired result, do what it takes to achieve it! The client will thank you. It can save and even repair client relationships. It also helps solidify client loyalty.

Communicate Clearly

When speaking to a client, always make yourself clear. Carefully choose your words and ask questions to clarify the situation if necessary. Don’t use a patronizing tone. Any confusion should be immediately cleared up.  Asking questions to clarify shows the client that you really do want to help and that you’re trying to truly understand the heart of the matter. The goal is to further the interaction instead of stunt it. Also, if there is any kind of miscommunication, fix it as soon as you realize it. It is better for the customer to understand now rather than later so if there are any issues they can be addressed.

Learn Something New

It is very easy to get into a routine of answering calls, getting answers, and moving on. However, each interaction with a client is a chance to learn something new! Whether it is about the customer, how to help them, or something about your business you never thought of before, you should always be ready to learn something new and apply it to customer service.

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