6 Tips to Help You Hire Quality Staff!

6 Tips to Help You Hire Quality Staff!

When it comes to hiring someone new, there are many things to consider because no one wants to hire the wrong person. Hiring the wrong person can make your business less productive and could create a negative impact on your clients. Education, experience, and the work history of candidates play an important part, but there are other things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right person. Let’s look at a few of those.

Your Job Description

When looking to hire someone for your business, it is very important to be as detailed as possible when writing your job description for the open position. Consider including the required hours, physical abilities needed, education requirements, etc. This can help ensure the right people are applying to the job posting and help you screen out unqualified candidates. If there are any specific skills needed for successful job performance, list it in the job description. Because remote work is becoming more common, make sure that you list whether remote candidates will be considered or if the job candidate must be able to work from your office.

Post the Job in the Right Places

Advertising the position in the right places helps you find the right people. Facebook might not be the best place to look for a new hire (although social media is a great place to research job candidates to ensure they fit in with the mission of your business and present an image you’d be proud to have associated with your business). Yet, Monster.com and Indeed.com could be quite beneficial. You could put up a sign, but would you get enough applicants that way? Newspaper classifieds are an oldie but a goodie. However, if your business is  high tech or tech dependent, you (again) may not get the best applicants for the position if you’re not advertising online. Consider what you need in the position and which job posting sites and options may get you the best results.

Multiple Interviews

Many businesses with a high turnover rate only do one interview. To improve the length of time employees remain with your business, conduct multiple interviews with candidates. Start with a phone interview to do a first introduction and learn a little bit about the candidate. A second interview in person at the job site will allow them to see the layout and gives you the opportunity to ask more detailed questions of the candidate that relate to the open position. A third interview held in the area with the opening will show the applicant specific expectations and give them the opportunity (and time) to ask questions they may have. Many applicants don’t think of questions until after the interview is over. Conducting more than one interview will give applicants the chance to ask those questions.

Ask Unexpected Questions

To help you find the right person, you should ask unexpected questions. This can help you learn how each candidate will act when under pressure or facing an unknown situation. Some questions you could ask:

  • How do you handle disappointing situations? Can you give me an example of a time you handled a disappointing situation?
  • Which superhero do you like the least and why?
  • Are gamer magazines a waste of paper? Why or why not?
  • Why shouldn’t I hire you?

This last question is tricky for the applicant to answer but it can give insight into how the candidate views themselves and shows if they are aware of their own imperfections. It works better than other, normal interview questions.

Look for People Who Can Learn Quickly

People who can learn quickly are an asset to your company even if they don’t have a lot of experience. Someone who learns quickly may be happier in your organization particularly if there is room for their personal and professional growth. As an incentive, you can offer continuing education and ways for your new hire to continue to develop their professional skills. Look for indicators that the person learns quickly. Does their resume show that they were quickly promoted or assigned more tasks with their previous positions? Do they ask a lot of questions? Do they offer ideas on how to improve the processes involved in the current opening? Those are all great signs of someone who will catch on and who could be a great asset.

Clients ARM Can Help You Find and Hire the Right Person

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