6 Secrets to Mastering Client Care for Small Businesses

6 Secrets to Mastering Client Care for Small Businesses

6 Secrets to Mastering Client Care for Small Businesses

Your clients provide the income to your business. If you aren’t taking care of them, who is? Unhappy clients equate to lost income. You can protect your business and make your clients happy. Happy clients tell others. When you improve your client care, it can boost your client intake because happy clients refer you out. To protect yourself against lost income, put the following 12 secrets into practice to care for your clients

A Welcome Reception

Set up the room your clients see first in such a way that your clients can relax when they walk in. Neutral colors such as beige or a calming blue and calming music can relax your client or patient. Have books or magazines available and comfortable chairs or couches. If your business deals with families or children set out Legos, blocks, or wooden toys for them to play with as well as children’s books or magazines. Flowers can liven up the reception rooms, especially if they are fresh. Alternatively, using candles, a wax warmer, or diffusing essential oils can add a pleasing scent to the room. You can also offer water, tea, or coffee at no charge for your visitors.

Train Your Receptionist

Train your receptionist or office assistant to be pleasant and warm to those who come in. Your receptionist, regardless of gender, should be professional and friendly. They should check-in and take the clients information in a timely manner. They should also be polite and ask how the client is doing. Your receptionist’s job is to make the client feel at home and relaxed. They must be friendly and professional since that is the first person your client sees. Your receptionist can also lighten the mood with small talk about such things as the weather or local news (as long as it isn’t political).

Don’t Separate Yourself

For the first visit with your client, don’t separate yourself with a tall desk or table. If you need a desk because you need to take notes, consider a low table such as a coffee table. It can suffice as a place to set drinks or paperwork. Using a tall desk or table could be interpreted as a barrier by your client. This can cause your client not to trust you and not tell you everything that you need to know.

Encourage Your Client to Talk about Themselves

Your client is there for you to fix an issue. Ask your client about their issue and listen to them as they answer. Don’t be afraid to be empathetic and show concern. Look your client in the eye and watch your body language. Take notes. Don’t rush your client through it, especially if it’s a problem tied to strong emotions. When your client is done describing their problem to you, summarize what you heard so that you can ensure that you’re on the same page.

When on the Phone, Strive to Be a Listener

You can’t fix a problem unless you listen to your client first. When you’re on the phone, you can’t read a client’s body language, so it’s important to tune into your client’s words and tone. Use active listening and summarize your client’s concern. Only then can you try to solve the problem.

If a client calls and you can’t remember the details of their needs, calmly ask the client to explain what they need, as you don’t have their file in front of you. You’ll most likely start to remember what this client needs.

Return Correspondence as Soon as Possible

If a client calls you, sends an email to you, mails a letter, or sends a fax to your office, respond as soon as possible. You need to respond, even if you only need to let them know you received what they sent. Try to return an email or call on the same day if possible.

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