6 Easy Payment Processing Tips to Use Right Now

6 Easy Payment Processing Tips to Use Right Now

Your business has the money it needs when your clients pay. Why not make it as easy as you can for your clients to pay you? Doing so generates income quicker for your business. Your clients and business will thank you for it. Use the following six tips to improve your payment process.

Open the Sales Channel

Opening sales channels will help you get more sales from your clients. You can open sales channels by appearing where your client wants to buy and pay. Don't limit your clients by forcing them to call or email for prices or sending their payment by mail. Show up and give them options, as it can open up your business to more opportunity. Giving your clients options will send payments flying through your payment processing.

Encrypt Your Online Payment Webpage

You must encrypt your online payment web page for the privacy and safety of your clients and your business. Focus on end to end encryption. An electronic theft or getting struck by ransomware could happen, so you must protect your client's card information and access to your business files. When you take the necessary steps to properly protect their financial information and your own system, you’ll have happier clients and more security when you operate online.

Don't Redirect from Your Website to Pay

Some websites redirect to a PayPal or other landing page when requiring payment. Clients don't always like this. Not only does this add to the loading time, it can frustrate clients by confusing them.  Integrate your payments into your web design so your clients don't have to leave your website to pay. A simplified process will make your clients happy and make your payment processing easier to use.

Use KISS When Designing Your Payment Landing Page

Use the acronym KISS when designing your payment landing page. KISS means “keep it simple, silly.” This helps not only you by making your website easy to use and keep up with, but it creates a better user experience for your clients. A clean, simple website will help your clients find where to pay. If a client can find where to pay, you'll get payments sooner.

Accept Several Forms of Payment

As a business, you should accept several forms of payment. Only accepting cash or check can make it hard for your clients to pay you. Open your business to accepting payments over the phone, by PayPal, on your website, or one of many other payment options. By keeping your business's payment options open, your clients can process their payments to you faster.

Introduce Mobile Payments

With all the apps available for mobile devices, there isn't any surprise that business owners pay developers to create mobile applications for their companies. These mobile applications include information about your business and an ability to log in for more services. Some mobile apps include mobile payment options. When introducing a mobile app for your company, keep in mind the ways your client may prefer to pay. Credit or debit card, PayPal, and an automated draft from a bank account could be included in your mobile application. Keep the application simple and easy to use. Mobile applications can make payment processing quick and easy.

Need Help?

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