6 Customer Service Tips for Salon Professionals

6 Customer Service Tips for Salon Professionals

6 Customer Service Tips for Salon Professionals

As a salon professional, you know that the customer experience is everything. That's the reason you keep your customer service skills polished and strive to make your customers happy. Whether a customer comes for a pedicure, haircut, massage, or facial, you know you must provide the highest quality service. Customer service creates client loyalty and keeps them coming back and making references. Use these tips to be sure that your salon keeps up with the latest customer service trends.

  1. Plan a Relaxing Setting

Getting customers to relax increases their willingness to not only talk freely, but to be willing to try new things (including trying more services!). It's your job to make your clients feel safe and secure so that they can relax. Invest in comfortable chairs not only in your waiting room but in your salon areas. Magazine subscriptions give your clients something to read while they wait for their appointment, pedicure to dry, or hair color to set. Offer drinks such as water, tea, or sodas. You could also offer a drink menu with specialty items.

  1. Offer Suggestions

As a salon professional, your clients may look to you for a new haircut, color, or other beauty recommendations. This is a sign of trust. Suggest different colors and cuts to match their skin tone and face shape, bring attention to trendy nail polish colors, or different massage or facial packages provided by your salon.

You can also recommend products that your salon carries. You may have experience using the products. You know what types of hair it treats and exactly how it works to improve their hair.

  1. Provide a Services Menu

When you go out to eat, the restaurant provides you with a menu that includes the prices. Imagine your frustration if you went to a restaurant that didn't provide a menu or didn't have prices on their menu. You want to know approximately how much you are going to spend! Your clients fill the same way. There's nothing more frustrating to a client when they walk into a salon than not seeing a services menu with prices. Providing a services menu helps your clients when they plan their day. They may find your prices so great that they buy more services.

  1. Create Client Profiles

Client profiles not only contain data such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, but they also contain information such as birthdays and anniversaries. With these important dates, you can send out discounts and deals by mail or email to get them into your salon to splurge. Since they have a coupon, they may spend more because of what they save. It's a win-win for both you and your client!

Keeping your client's preferences on file can go a long way. Be sure to mark their drink preference, color preference, and any other preferences they may have. Keeping a client profile can help you to deliver superior customer service.

  1. Remind Clients of Their Appointments

This may seem like a basic suggestion that everyone already knows, but many salons forget to send out a quick reminder to their clients. Clients can't always remember their appointments so this practice saves them from becoming no-shows. To remind clients of their appointments, a quick text or call helps immensely. If a client must reschedule because of a conflict, they can easily do it when they are on the phone with you.

  1. Deliver Value

You should try your best to deliver value to each of your clients no matter what services you provide. Value is what keeps your clients returning again and again. Your customer experience sets you above the rest. Teach your customer a few different ways to style and wear their hair. Give them free nail art. Give away a pass for a 15-minute massage next time they come in. Value can be perceived and not cost you anything extra.

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