5 Ways Your Management Team Can Sharpen Their Leadership Skills

5 Ways Your Management Team Can Sharpen Their Leadership Skills

Does your management team manage your staff or do they lead your staff? Managers are an essential part of your business team. They ensure your business operates and functions in a professional manner. They delegate, direct behavior and tasks, offer explanations, and hold staff accountable. However, a leader is someone who empowers their subordinates to accomplish your business’ goals. They take the time to groom and inspire their staff. They work with their team to complete projects in a timely manner. You, as the business owner, face the challenge of how to get your management team to not just manage staff but lead them.

Here are 5 leadership suggestions to help your management team become better leaders:

1. Allow staff the freedom to succeed. A team cannot grow if the manager plans, executes, and completes all elements of a project. If a manager acts on their own without contributions from their team, they create an atmosphere of discontent. A team needs to feel valued. They need responsibility to allow them to grow and improve their collective and individual skills. It’s important that a team understand the values and goals of the company.

2. Leaders are active, not passive. Managers are role models; they must lead by example. An active leader transitions the planning process from discussion to action. Leaders earn the trust of their team by working alongside them. They take an active role in moving a project forward by being hands on.

3. Growth is the acceptance that mistakes happen. Allowing a team to grow means that good leaders allow mistakes to occur. Leaders work with their team to understand and correct mistakes. One way to accomplish this is by encouraging their team to coordinate a system of double-checking each other’s work. This type of system allows team members to find any mistakes and make corrections. It is an effective way to establish cohesive work standards.

4. Leaders encourage the development of problem-solving skills. When a member of staff approaches their manager with a challenge, a manager must resist the urge to solve the problem. Instead they should enable staff to solve their own challenges. Leaders coach their staff and assist them to reach the right answer. Encouraging staff to solve their own challenges helps them to develop their problem-solving skills.

5. Leaders encourage and groom other leaders. Any member of the team is a potential and future leader. They keep their team focused on and moving toward what could be. Developing strong leadership skills is a learning process. A leader is only as prosperous as their team. Encouraging your management team to continue to learn and improve will only benefit your business. As new leadership rises up from within your team, your business will grow and flourish.

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