5 Strategies That Will Boost Inter-Office Communication

5 Strategies That Will Boost Inter-Office Communication

5 Strategies That Will Boost Inter-Office Communication


Communication is an important aspect of any team dynamic. A work environment and business is only as good as the bond of the team. If there is a gap in communication in your office, it may be time to reevaluate what you should do to correct this problem. In some circumstances, the gap may be caused by inter-office conflict that needs resolution. It could go deeper and is due to conflicting personalities. In many offices there is a secret power struggle between employees when positions and job duties are left vague and undefined.


Productive and strong communication is the mark of success in any company. You may have a small officer of four or a larger office of several hundred, but no matter the size of your business communication should always be a priority.


Here are 5 strategies that will give your office the boost is needs:


Strategy #1 - Regular Meetings


Communication begins with you. Set the example by having regularly scheduled meetings with your staff or management team. Have a plan. Know what you are wanting to accomplish within those meetings. Encourage your supervisors or management team to have regular meetings with their subordinates. It’s an ideal start to establishing a foundation of communication. Just make sure that you and other members of management are mindful of other people’s time.


Strategy #2 - Team Lunches


While team lunches are meetings in their own right, they offer a relaxed and casual setting for your staff to communicate. No one likes being left out; this is an opportunity to encourage healthy team relationships. It offers real-time conversations that can build trust and respect. This can be done in-office or at a local eatery. Allow your managers to organize and handle lunch meetings. It enables them to learn more about their team.


Strategy #3 - Newsletters


Newsletters sent internally to all staff is a great way to share news regarding the company. You can highlight achievements, calendars and project timelines, acknowledge the individual successes of members of your staff, welcome new team members, and include any other information that connects you to your team.


Strategy #4 - Instant Messenger Communication


While email is an effective tool in communication, instant messenger (IM) can be more effective for some projects. IM allows your team to discuss and ask questions related to projects in real time. They can ask a question or share key information that will be directly read and you get a faster response. Waiting on email can be frustrating and often rather than waiting on it to send, a team member may be waiting on their teammate to check their email. Instant messenger is a simple tool that can save time and streamline how your team communicates.


Strategy #5 - Open-door Policy


This is one of the most important additions to your office. Encourage your managers to hold true to keeping an open-door policy. This type of policy allows your staff to come forward with issues that may be troubling them. Communicate with your team that professional openness is something that you encourage in your work-environment. Create an atmosphere of positivity. Allow staff to communicate on an open and productive way that contributes moving forward and finding resolution.


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