5 Online Marketing Tips for Dental Professionals

5 Online Marketing Tips for Dental Professionals

5 Online Marketing Tips for Dental Professionals

The rise of social media and online marketing has affected everyone from beauticians and stylists to veterinarians and doctor’s offices. No one, even dental professionals, is immune to the need to create an online presence. How can a business keep up with this change in the times? Use of the Internet can grow your business to new heights while also giving you the opportunity to both stay in contact with your clients and giving your clients 24-hour access to your office if they have questions or concerns. Read and implement the tips below if you want to grow your business and attract new customers.

Create Online Profiles

To successfully bring your office’s presence onto the web, you must first create social media profiles. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yelp! are just a handful of the social media platforms that offer profiles for businesses. For businesses, a Yelp! profile is a must. Create a Yelp! profile to manage customer feedback. Other social media platforms can be used, too. Facebook and Google+ work well for promoting your business. You may find other sites that list dental practitioners have you listed as well. Create your profile on these websites as well. The key is to create your social media account on sites where your clients can be found.

Update (or Create!) a Website

If you have a website, how long has it been since it was updated? Defunct websites miss out on new advancements such as search engine optimization (SEO) and both computer and mobile-based user-friendly, innovative website designs. Websites can also have interactive calendars and ways for clients to pay.

If you don’t have a website, it’s prime time to plan a meeting with a web designer. If you’re adventurous, you can also take on the task yourself. Websites like WordPress make designing and maintaining your own professional website easy and inexpensive.

Advertise Online

Internet advertising drives customers your way. Internet marketing uses online ads to catch the attention of potential customers and hook them to call your office. Two great advertising opportunities include Facebook advertising and Google AdSense. With Facebook advertising, the ads only appear on Facebook. With Google AdSense, the ads appear not only on the Google search page when someone would look up dental services in their area, but on websites and blogs that are part of the Google AdSense Affiliate Program.

Audit Online

When you type in your business’s name into a search engine, what results come up? You may find your website, a Yelp! or Facebook page (sometimes business profiles are created automatically, though no one may claim them), or reviews courtesy of Google or websites that list dental practitioners. If you do not come up with any results, take that as a sure sign that it is time to get started! If you find any websites with inaccurate history, let the website know the correct information. This way, they can update their database. Performing an audit also lets you know if there are people who are unhappy with your services. It gives you the opportunity to make contact and fix the problem.

Post on Social Media

A great way to show your potential clients who you are is to post on social media. You won’t be in their face, but your presence will be there. When you post on social media, don’t talk over your client’s heads. Be personable and fun.

Everyone likes to get something for free. Why not host an online giveaway? This can boost your engagement and show your business to new potential customers. Host a photo caption contest or ask your audience a question. Be sure to check the terms of service if you decide to host this type on social media. You can also use a survey to host a giveaway. Host a survey to find your audience’s perception of you. You can give away great prizes such as a free dental checkup.

Specialized Remote Support Services for Dental Offices

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