5 Essential Must-Haves for Your Business Pitch

5 Essential Must-Haves for Your Business Pitch

5 Essential Must-Haves for Your Business Pitch

As a new business and even for some experienced business owners creating a pitch can be hard. Will you say the right thing? Will the prospective client object? Will they have enough information to make a decision? Writing a business pitch is no easy task. Use this post as a guide to writing your pitch. Here are the 5 essential components you need in your business pitch.

Speak Specifically to the Needs of the Prospect

This is the most important component for your business pitch. Before you head over to their office or before they show up to yours, make sure that your business pitch specifically addresses the needs of the prospect. For instance, if you are a family law attorney and an appointment with a prospective client, you would cater your meeting to their needs. If someone was coming to you for a will, you wouldn’t try to sell them on filing for divorce.

Regardless of the service that you offer, you must tailor each and every pitch. If you specialize in marketing, you would want to find out exactly the type of marketing that the prospective client needs or you could even offer several solutions that address pain points that they have.

Don’t Speak Ill of the Competition

You may have the best services in the world, but if you spend your time pointing out the problems you feel exist with your competition, you’re turning the prospect away from you. You’re no longer focused on the needs of the prospect. You’re being judgmental of the decisions of another company. This can lead your client to believe that you’re going to judge them, too.

Instead of speaking ill of the competition, talk about the things in your business that make you an up and coming industry leader. Focus on how you are able to offer cost effective solutions or how you bring more value to their business.

Focus on the Extra Value

What does your company do that no one else in your industry does? What do you do better than anyone else? This can be many things. It can be directly related to the service you provide or it could be how you make your clients feel like they are the center of the universe. Focus on the extra value that clients receive when they choose your company.

Have a Nice Presentation

Your presentation could be a PowerPoint. It could be a report. It could be a number of things. The most important part is that your presentation is worth showing the prospective client. It should look nice and professional. There are lots of websites online that provide free templates to help you put together a classy presentation. Make sure that the presentation directly addresses the issues you know that the prospective client has.

Talk to Them and Not at Them

When you’re pitching your business, you can get lost and continue to do nothing but talk. Occasionally during your pitch, you should stop and ask questions of the prospective client. Include them in the conversation. It’s a great way to answer questions. Make sure that you pay attention to the face and body language of the prospect as you’re speaking. This is a good indicator on how they’re feeling.

Ask for the Sale

There are lots of ways to ask for the sale. However, don’t let the moment go without asking for the sale. Whether you ask if they’re ready to move forward, present documents to sign, or overcome their objectives, it is important that you let them know that you are ready to help them.

Get Help for Your Business

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