5 Efficiency Tips for Your Small Business

5 Efficiency Tips for Your Small Business

Time is money in your business. Do you provide fast, efficient service to make the most of your time and money? Clients also want efficient services. It respects their time and helps them move on with their day. Efficiency benefits your business and your clients.

If you find projects hit a snag and get stuck for a few days or meetings drag on without getting anything done, it’s time to find a new, more efficient ways to get things done! Read these 5 tips become more efficient and get the ball rolling once again with all of your projects.

Host Short Daily Business Meetings

You consider meetings a necessity to keep everyone on track. However, what may start out as a 30-minute staff meeting before lunch may turn out to be a 1 ½ hour marathon meeting that causes you to miss lunch as the meeting goes off topic. Instead, try meetings that last no more than 10 minutes in length. Pick your topics carefully and do not stray from that list. Shorter meetings give your staff members the information that they need to and helps you stay in the loop. Encourage note taking. Celebrate accomplishments and point out opportunities where the business can improve. Short meetings where you stay on topic will speed up efficiency in your business.

Encourage Video Chat

Meetings can take forever and run off topic. Email and chat can slow efficiency as you wait for a reply and can reduce productivity as you stop your tasks to answer. Email and chat options can be misconstrued by implying a non-existing tone or misreading what is said. Video chat is a quick and easy way to ask questions while having a “face to face” interaction to reduce the likelihood of miscommunication. Another great benefit of video chat, you can chat with employees from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. It makes it easy to talk with your employees, whether they are in the next room or half way across the room. Video chat can make your business more efficient.

Block Time

If you employees constantly need to leave their station to talk to someone else, attend meetings, or feel compelled to immediately respond to an email, you can bet that their concentration on their task isn’t strong. Empower your staff to block out time each day to get their work done. Bonus if you have them block their time when their work is most productive, be it in the morning or afternoon. Blocked time for an employee to stop and concentrate on their tasks will help your business gain efficiency.


You might already know this, but for those who don’t, multitasking isn’t as efficient or productive as once believed. Mono-tasking helps your business by focusing on one task at a time. Your focus makes you more efficient and productive. Multitasking doesn’t speed up efficiency. Instead of focusing on a task, your focus is scattered between many tasks. This makes it take longer to complete even one task and increases the chance of mistakes. Picking a project and sticking to it will allow your employee to be efficient.

To-Do Lists

If you waste time trying to remember what you need to do next, stop. It’s time for you to invest some time into making a to-do list. If your days are scheduled to be repetitive each week, consider making a master to-do list. This list can be laminated for daily marking off. It’s a great option because you won’t waste paper and it is easy to clean. Another idea is a white or chalk board. Websites like Asana work great too! You can also use One-Note, Evernote, or Outlook Task Manager to keep your daily or master list.

It’s easy to take a few minutes each day to make a to-do list. Whether you use paper, a white board, or a website, making a to-do list will help boost your efficiency.

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