5 Easy Steps to Make Over Your Law Firm’s Revenue Process!

5 Easy Steps to Make Over Your Law Firm’s Revenue Process!

Looking for a way to improve your law firm’s revenue process? Here are 5 easy steps you can take to make over your law firm’s revenue process. Get ready to acquire new clients and make more money!

Step 1 - Get the Information You Need

You can’t refine your revenue process until you get the information that you need. So, just how do you know what needs to be improved? You get a professional review from an expert. Clients A.R.M. provides free process reviews for law firms. We will review and revise your revenue process so that you get optimal results. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s painless. Best of all, there’s no obligation. This is our way of showing our appreciation for the work that law firms of all sizes do for us.

Step 2 – Custom Policies and Procedures

You learn a lot in law school. You probably even took courses on how to run a law firm. Yet, there’s just one little catch. Those classes are general guidelines. No two law firms are the same. This is because no two people are the same. Although you practice law, your goals and your clients are different from law firms of a similar practice. This is why you need policies and procedures that are unique to your firm.

Policies and procedures can turn your revenue process around and get it growing. A documented set of instructions for each step of your revenue process helps guarantee your success. Revenue cycles that aren’t documented are inefficient and can affect the experience of both your staff and your clients.

Clients A.R.M. knows that each firm is different. This is why we draft policies and procedures that fit your needs. It’s important to have policies and procedures in writing. You may not have the time or the desire to write them. That’s why you have our team on your side. Join the growing ranks of happy firms that use our services.

Step 3 – Training and Support

Once you have your policies and procedures, your staff must be trained. New policies and procedures don’t mean much if they aren’t used. Clients A.R.M. knows that your time is precious. You have briefs to write, court dates to attend, and new clients to acquire. This is why we offer training for your entire staff. We will help your entire staff understand your new policies and procedures and teach them how they can use them to be more effective and keep clients happy.

No staff? No problem. Clients A.R.M. provides virtual services for law firms. We can assist you virtually with your client intake, customer care, billing needs, and other concerns unique to the way that you operate.

Step 4 – Use Clients A.R.M. 3 Step Remote Set-up Process

Our remote set-up process is quick, easy, and affordable. It was designed to help law firms just like yours to take advantage of our benefits…even if you’re not particularly gifted with technology. If you’re interested in acquiring any of our services related to client intake, client services, or our billing and collection services, you just need to follow three simple steps:

  1. You need a laptop or a computer. Since Clients A.R.M. works from a remote location to save you money on overhead costs, taxes, and insurance, we will access your files through a laptop or computer at your firm’s location.
  2. You need a dedicated phone extension. One of the best features of our services is that when we call others on your behalf for collections, billing, or client care, the return number comes back to your firm. Clients A.R.M. is a natural extension of your business. When people return calls, your dedicated line rings straight to us. It doesn’t get much easier!
  3. Access to your accounting software and an online credit card processing system. New accounting software provides you with options. You’re able to grant remote access to its use. Clients A.R.M. takes this access and uses it to maintain your billing and collections. We can also help you with processing your credit card payments. Clients A.R.M. truly is your one stop shop for the needs of your law firm!

Step 4 – Sit Back and Watch Your Client Base and Trust Accounts Grow!

Clients A.R.M. has more than 30 years of experience in working with law firms. We do the hard work and you can focus on meeting with your clients and protecting their legal rights. Clients A.R.M. is more than a vendor of services. We are your friend and partner in the digital age. Contact Clients A.R.M. today to find out how we can help you grow!