5 Customer Service Language Tips for Business

5 Customer Service Language Tips for Business



Communication is all about using the right words. An irritated client can be put at ease with the right words. It can allow you to approach the situation and find resolution swiftly. It can take time to conquer customer service language that is effective. Examining your typical wording when speaking with a client is a good place to start.


Here are 5 tips that will help you to build better customer service language.


There is no “I” in team. It’s an old adage that can ring true in this situation. Instead of saying “I,” say “we” when speaking to your customer. It exudes teamwork and shows that your business is on the same page. Leave “I” for situations when you are being accountable for a situation with sincerity. It may not seem like a big change to you, but to your customers, it changes the entire meaning behind the words.


Never be sorry, always apologize. I’m sorry just doesn’t cut it. There is nothing wrong with the words “I’m sorry.” It’s the message the words convey that we must pay attention to in the realm of customer service. Instead, try saying “I apologize” when dealing with your customer. The message is softer and sends a better message. It’s your way of not focusing on the mistake and allowing your focus to be on the solution.


You can’t or you don’t? It’s confusing, but to your client, the words “I can’t” sound as if you are being forced and are unwilling to assist them. You have a choice and a decision needs to be made regarding your client’s issues. Use “I don’t” in place of “I can’t.” It will send a much better message to your client. You always have a choice, even if your decision is to pass them along to someone who can find and provide resolution for their issues.


It’s all about value. The word “value” may be one of the most powerful words you can use when interacting with a client. Be sincere and express to your client that you value their opinion or that your company (we) values them as a customer.


Yours sincerely. When signing off any written communication with your client – emails, messenger, or letters – think about what you will say. It’s fine to use “Cheers,” “Warm Wishes,” and “Best Regards.” Just remember the tried and true sign off is always “Yours Sincerely.” It’s an appropriate sign off that will make a big impact on your clients.


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