5 Communication Tips to Help You Wow Your Clients!

5 Communication Tips to Help You Wow Your Clients!

Now, businesses are desperately on the lookout for strategies that would help them make more money on the services they provide to their clients. And it can be quite the struggle because your target audience has more choice than ever when it comes to finding the right provider. There are a lot of businesses in your industry that are growing. Are you one of them? If you’re not, there’s an important point you could be missing.

While it is certainly a necessity to focus on sales to increase your profit, it’s important to remember that the psychology of people when it comes to spending their money is this: your target audience is more likely to spend their money with your business if they like you. How do you make people like you as a business? The same way as you would if you were looking to make friends. You must show people that you care.

Communication Is the Key

Communication is the heart and soul of human interaction. When you communicate effectively with clients, you are not only sustaining the relationship you have with them, but you are also increasing the likelihood that your business will get more sales through referrals and repeated jobs.

How you choose to communicate with current and prospective clients sets you apart from your competitors. If your competitors are making prospective and current clients feel as if they’re listening to them (and responding directly to their needs), they will get the business.

Developing and implementing proper communication is crucial if you’re looking to build an exceptional business.

Make Your Clients Feel Like They’re Real People  

This is where many small and large businesses get communication wrong. Sure, your clients and prospective clients want professional communication from you, but they also appreciate it when they believe that your business makes them feel like a real person. Talk to them like they’re more than just dollar signs. How often do you ask about their family? Do you wish them a happy birthday or happy anniversary? When is the last time that you just emailed them or called them to tell them that you appreciate their business? These may seem like inconsequential things, but they can and do mean the world to many people.

Carefully Choose Your Words

While we’re talking about communication as a whole, the words we choose to communicate with others from a business perspective are crucial. Language is conventionally known as the method of human communication. In both business and in personal sense, the use of words can make or break a relationship. While you don’t have to use industry jargon (in fact, using jargon is almost always a bad idea because it could make your clients feel like you’re talking down to them or that you’re trying to be a “show-off”), It is important that you use the words that best fit the situation.

A recent study showed that poor communication created a negative impact on profitability, sales, and efficiency. In short, if you or your reps don’t communicate well, you could lose money and loyal clients to the competition. So, focus on professional communication that is clear, concise, and free of jargon that could confuse people.

Customer Service Must Be a Priority

Let’s face it - a lot of businesses do not provide the best quality of customer service. You’ve probably experienced this for yourself. Think about the last time you called a business to resolve a problem or ask a question and you felt like they just didn’t care. When’s the last time you attended an appointment with a professional and were made to wait and then felt like you really didn’t get what you wanted out of the appointment? Were you ready to take your money elsewhere?

You know from first hand experience that many businesses just don’t prioritize customer service. Don’t let your business become one that loses clients and potential clients because of how they’re treated. If you really want to wow your clients, start by really taking the time to listen to them.

Empower Your Employees to Help Clients with Their Problems

Have you ever called in with a question and been told by the customer service rep that it’s not their problem or that there’s nothing they can do to help you? Talk about feeling unimportant. Make sure that your employees have the power they need to help clients who have problems. You can make a list of the most common reasons that people call in. You can also create a list of solutions that your employees can use to promote one-call resolution. For more serious instances, it’s fine if you want to personally step in. However, most clients should be able to get their problems solved with just one phone call.

You should also consider using social media to provide your clients with immediate help as well.

Need more help on how to wow your clients?

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