5 Client Intake Tips Your Law Practice Needs to Try Right Now

5 Client Intake Tips Your Law Practice Needs to Try Right Now

Your client intake process helps you keep records and brings money through the door. A client comes in or calls, you talk with them about their needs and goals, and you gather information about them. Client intake is a simple process. It’s about getting your clients through the door and getting all the information that you need so that you can help them. There’s no need to complicate it. If you feel like it’s complicated or if you get feedback from your clients about the process feeling complicated, it’s time to fix that. Client intake starts the process that gets you paid. Your client intake process should be quick, easy, and painless in your law practice. Try these 5 client intake tips in your law practice today.

Be Willing to Stay on the Phone

Long calls equal clients. If a potential client feels like you are willing to talk to them and connect with them, they will be willing to use your law practice for their needs. When you take long calls, you build up the trust of the client. This can result in more loyal clients who pay their retainers right away. A short call can give the opposite effect. Train yourself and your staff to be willing to stay on the phone and really listen to those potential clients. Teach them to give quality customer service over the phone and to use active listening.

Keep Your Records Simple

When you first talk to your client during the client intake process, keep it simple. You may find that simplifying your forms is easier for your law staff, for you, and for your clients. Listening is important. Your client has a legal problem and they are coming to you to fix it. First focus on the necessary personal information. You can move on to the necessary background information related to their case later during their appointment.

Don’t Talk, Listen

Use active listening when you are doing client intake. It’s important to make the client feel heard. Don’t worry about talking too much, besides asking an occasional question to clarify. Nod, use eye contact, and reply to your client’s story by saying “I see,” “Yes,” and “Right.” This shows your client that you are listening. Listening builds trust. When your client stops talking, give them a summary of what you heard. Ask any other questions you may have. Remember to let your client do most of the talking.

Suggest Resources to Your Clients

You should compile resources for all your clients. A list of resources can give your clients hope when they may be scared. When they realize that they aren’t alone and that there are resources they can use, they feel much better and your help turns them into a loyal client who tells others about your practice. Whether the resources are by word of mouth, a printout, a PDF, or page on your website, these can all help your client.

If you are unable to take the case because of an ethical issue or because the potential client has no legal grounds to bring a suit, be gentle about breaking the news. Explain the situation to the potential client. If it’s an ethical issue, provide a referral.

Connect with Clients

Collecting information is important, but it isn’t the most important thing. Instead of focusing on making sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts, conflict of interests, or other problems, focus on connecting with your client. Focus on the client and not the computer. Offer a friendly, professional experience for the client. Use excellent customer service when connecting to your client. By making your client feel safe and welcome, you build trust and connection. Offer your client a listening ear and a comfortable environment. Clients who feel comfortable are happy clients.

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