5 Bad Management Habits That Drive Employees Crazy

5 Bad Management Habits That Drive Employees Crazy

5 Bad Management Habits That Drive Employees Crazy

Keeping good employees is important for your business. A lower turnover rate is better for your business and your clients. Your clients get to know your employees. Your employees get to know the ins and outs of your client accounts. It can take a lot of time and money to train new employees. That’s not even counting the time and effort it will take to find the right person if a good employee quits.

People don’t quit jobs. They quit managers. We can all remember a time where we dealt with a bad manager. If you notice any of the follow 5 bad management habits, make sure that you take the steps necessary to change them. If you don’t, you could lose your best employees.

Overwork and Little Recognition

When you have a great employee, it’s important that you don’t “reward” their talent by giving them more responsibility. If that behavior is the norm, before long, your employee will be overworked. Overworking an employee leads to stress. Stress leads to unhappiness and burnout. More work isn’t a reward. To many employees, it feels like a punishment.

If you’re going to give your best employee more responsibility, make sure that you reward them adequately. Maybe that’s ample praise on a regular basis. Maybe it’s giving your employee a promotion. Perhaps the answer is giving your employee a raise or even a bonus.

You will drive your employees crazy if you do not provide them with the rewards that they deserve for their talent and dedication. A new title can go a long way.

Forgetting That Your Employee Is a Person

Because managers spend just a few hours each day with their employees, it’s easy to hyperfocus on the professional aspect of the business. After all, the goal of having a job is to work. Yet, it’s imperative to remember that your employees are people. They have lives outside of work. People are not perfect and sometimes people have problems.

To be a good manager, you need to learn to balance the role of being a boss with recognizing that employees are people. Make sure that you recognize the effort they are making at work. If they brag about the accomplishments of a child or their spouse, compliment the achievement. When your employees have problems, be a good listener and, when necessary, offer solutions. A little bit of empathy will go a long way for employees.

Employees are more loyal to companies where positive personal bonds exist. They work harder and they are more productive.

You Don’t Do What You Say

Something that really drives good employees crazy is to have a manager that doesn’t follow through. If you make a promise to an employee, follow through. To build loyalty, you follow through on the commitments that you make. Two things happen if you don’t.

  1. You teach your employees that they don’t have to honor their commitments. That includes how they complete their duties at work and whether or not they remain with your company.
  2. Your employees lose respect for you. Honoring your word is one of the best leadership qualities that a person can have.

Pigeonholing Your Employees

You could have the best account manager in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they are doing something they are passionate about. You should get to know your employees and learn about their passions and their dreams. Find ways that their passions can be implemented. What if your best account manager is really passionate about social media? Provided that you don’t pigeonhole your employee, you could have a future social media expert that can help your business. The old saying is true: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. If you’re able to allow your employees to do things that they really enjoy, they will be loyal to you and to your company.

Not Allowing Your Employees to Grow

A lot of managers and small business owners are actually afraid to encourage personal and professional growth among their employees. They’re afraid that when the employees gain more skills, they will leave. Yet, when employers provide opportunities for growth to their employees, the employees are happier and they stay with the company longer.

Do not discourage personal or professional growth. Look for ways that your employees can strengthen their talents and learn new skills.

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