5 Bad Customer Service Habits That Drive Your Clients Crazy!

5 Bad Customer Service Habits That Drive Your Clients Crazy!

Customer service is one of the key parts of your business that creates client loyalty and referrals. With all the choices that consumers have, customer service is more important than ever. If you’re looking to build a customer service plan for your new business or if you’re just looking to improve it, read these 5 bad customer service habits that drive clients crazy.

Clients Don’t Receive a Timely Response

When a client has a question or concern, they need a timely response. If a client must wait for days (or weeks) to receive a response from your company, that’s a big problem. Even if the client wasn’t upset about a problem, they will be if they perceive that you don’t care. And that’s the message that’s sent when a client doesn’t receive a timely response.

To fix this issue, implement a company wide policy that all phone calls, emails, and messages from a client must be returned within 24 business hours. Although that may seem like a tight turnaround, especially if a problem is complex, this rule is important. It prioritizes the concerns of your client-base. Even if you don’t have the answer after 24 business hours, a quick call or response to let the client know that you’re still researching the matter and haven’t forgotten about them can go along way in creating goodwill.

They Are Interrupted When They Speak

It drives clients crazy when they’re not able to finish a thought without being interrupted. You or your staff should rely on active listening. One part of active listening is to let the client finish speaking before you respond or ask questions. It’s also important that you stay focused while they talk. If you’re thinking about how you’ll respond, you could miss something important.

Condescending Tone

One of the worst things you or your employees can do is to talk to clients in a tone that feels condescending or patronizing. Remember, your clients have a choice. They may come to you because you are an expert, but they’re not expecting for you to make them feel like they’re unintelligent. Make sure that you and any employees talk to clients in a way that is natural and welcoming.

Putting Policy above Clients

Think about a time when you called a business because you had a problem and you were told something like, “That’s just the way we do things. It’s policy.” No explanation – just that “policy” that dictated how you were treated. How happy were you? If you have specific policies in place, make sure that you are able to explain the purpose of the policy and empower your employees to help find solutions for clients who are unhappy.

Long Hold Times

You must find ways to bring down hold times. Even if your clients agree to hold while you finish a conversation with another person, a long hold time can change the entire tone of their call. Make sure that your employees check in during those hold times. If a client requests a call back instead of waiting, you should call them back right away. If you’re looking to improve your hold time, contact Clients ARM and ask about our remote client care. Your clients still call a number associated with your business and it is routed to our US based customer care representatives.

Learn More about Customer Service

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