4 Social Media Tips for Veterinarians

4 Social Media Tips for Veterinarians

As a veterinarian, you stay busy caring for your patients. You don't always have time to stay up with the latest social media trends and strategy for your business. Maybe you don’t know how to join in or choose the right social media platforms. You might be afraid to jump on any of them. Maybe you’re afraid of wasting your time on the wrong platform. If you haven't considered joining a social media platform for your business, you should consider it. Social media puts you front and center to your clients. It is great because you can also use it to advertise and attract potential clients. Hands down, social media is a great tool for your business. Not all social media platforms are used in the same way. Some have a bigger learning curve than others. If you are getting started on your social media journey for your veterinary practice, here are 4 tips you might find useful.

Set Up Your Profile...The Right Way!

You did your research. You picked your social media platform. You started an account. Now what? Now it's time to set up your profile. Don't just rush through it. Take the necessary amount of time to set up your profile the right way. Be sure to include a professional profile picture. Include your website and fill in the about me with your business information. You can also consider running a special or having a discount for those who come in and mention a status or post. You could even run a fun contest or giveaway! Another idea is to use the sponsored posts so more people see your veterinary practice is open for business. This is essentially an advertisement. Keep in mind that sponsored posts do cost money and they must follow the rules of whatever social platform that you use.

Provide Value

Your clients come to you for not only your services but because of the value that you bring to their lives. When you tell them how to better take care of their pet or what recommendation you have for them food or exercise for their pet, you are providing them with value. It’s great to continue to provide value even on social media. In fact, it can bring a lot of traffic to your page. If you write a good post about how brushing your dog is great for not only your dog but also for you. You add a link to a study or article about it. A potential client may see it and like it, so they go to your page to see what other interesting statuses you share. Doing this, they may like your page and keep you in mind for the next time their pet needs a check-up.

Consider Making Videos

Move over text and pictures, videos on YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, and Facebook Live are the newest way to market. The video is the new king when it comes to social media engagement. People can easily watch it or listen to it wherever they are. Make it yours by brainstorming some ideas. Perhaps you help adopt pets out to good homes. Consider making a weekly video on that. Maybe you have pet stories to share with the world. Use video to share them. The sky is the limit when it comes to video.

Network Online

You probably network in your community, but did you ever think you might be able to network online too? Follow or like other pet-related profiles. Like their statuses and comment on them. Not only does this add your business to the conversation, but clients can see you this way as well. You can also participate in groups on social media platform such as Facebook. Get out there and start networking!

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