4 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Attorneys A.R.M. !

4 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Attorneys A.R.M. !

4 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Attorneys A.R.M.

Small business debt collection is something that every business owner must face at some point. The biggest problem with small business debt collection from an accounts receivable management perspective is whether you take the time out of your day to perform the collections or if you should partner with someone to do this for you. When you consider the time and money that it takes away from your business if you do it yourself or that you must spend in order to hire and train an employee, it can become a daunting decision. The third option, partnering with a small business debt collection company such as Attorneys A.R.M., could be the best choice for your business. Because we are collections experts, we know the law. We also understand the art of customer service that is often missing from other collections agencies. We understand that we are an extension of you, and we want you to always be seen in the best light possible. Here are four reasons why you should partner with Attorneys A.R.M. for your small business debt collections needs.

Cost Effective

Using Attorneys A.R.M. is often more cost effective. You’re able to keep your focus on building your business (and thus increasing your revenue). It’s also, on average, about 40% less expensive to outsource your small business collections to us than it is to hire, train, pay, and provide benefits for an employee. Thinking about using an attorney to sue for recovery instead of outsourcing your collections? Consider this: although there is certainly a time and a place to use an attorney to collect what is owed to you, attorney fees can often be higher than the amount of money that you’re owed. So, before you elect to go to court, you should try a debt collection agency first. It’s less expensive and can often be based on a contingency fee.

Federal and Local Regulations

Taking on your own small business collections, even if you hire someone to work out of your office as your employee, has some legal risk involved. To understand the laws, you would need to research both federal and local regulations that pertain to collections. In some cases, you may even want to attend a training course because if these laws are broken, debtors have a right to report and even possibly sue you. Attorneys A.R.M. has more than 30 years of collection experience. We are also in good standing with the ACA, WCA, and HFMA.

It’s More Than Collections

Small business collections is about more than collecting on past due accounts. It’s also about maintaining a relationship. Good people fall behind on their debts. Most people, even business owners, don’t ever start out with the intention of becoming delinquent. Once that cycle begins, it’s hard to get out. Maintaining a good relationship and treating the past due client like a person are two of the best things that you can do in small business collections. After all, even if you choose not to work with this person again, they will likely tell someone about you. How you treat them during the collections process will determine what they say. Attorneys A.R.M. uses old fashioned customer service principles in an effort to help you maintain the relationship while getting you the money that you’re owed.

Time Savings

You only have 24 hours in a day. You can’t do it all. When you work with Attorneys A.R.M. you’re able to focus your time where it really belongs: growing your business. We save you both time and money.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started with Attorneys A.R.M. is easy. You can start by requesting your free process review. This free consultation will help you understand exactly what you need and how you can better streamline your accounts receivable management. Questions? No problem. Give us a call, or use our form. We’d love to answer your questions!