4 Marketing Tips to Effectively Promote Your Dental Office

4 Marketing Tips to Effectively Promote Your Dental Office

When people search for a dentist, often, they are in need of emergency care. They forget that they need regular cleanings and repair on their teeth and gums. Having a well-planned and effective marketing plan can boost your business. It can attract new patients and help with retention efforts. A basic website isn’t enough to promote your business, although it is a needed portion of your marketing plan. Branching out and utilizing social media along with print and digital media can bring in a steady stream of patients. Create an effective content schedule that promotes your dental office as a brand and dental health information effectively. Here are four tips to help you more effectively market your dental practice.


Be Consistent


An effective marketing plan must have a cohesive approach. Every aspect of your business needs to portray the same image. Your brand goes beyond images, websites, and social media pages. It extends to your office and staff. Any aspect of your business that comes in contact with patients or prospective patients represents your business.


  • Logo – if you have more than one logo or mismatched logos, it can create confusion for patients. It’s a marketing identity crisis.
  • Color Scheme – many businesses have a chosen color scheme reflected throughout their logo, marketing information, and within the office. Choose a color scheme that is consistent throughout your business. If your dental office focuses on working with people who have a fear of visiting the dentist, make sure that you choose colors that are soothing.
  • Fonts – using too many fonts is visually overwhelming. Work with a professional graphic designer to pick two cohesive font types to for use in your logo and promotional (marketing) material.
  • Slogan – your company slogan must represent your dental office. It needs to be represented throughout your entire business. Do your employees represent your slogan? If your dentistry clinic is family-friendly and exciting, your slogan and employees should embody that.
  • Voicemail and Emails – two areas you may not have considered in your marketing plan. Voicemail and the emails sent to patients must reflect your brand. Examine these finer details of your business to ensure that your company is well branded.


Stay in Contact With Clients


Having consistent communication with your patients will keep your office at the forefront of their minds. When dental needs arise, your business will be their go to choice. Neglecting communication with your customers will mean your competitor gain a new patient. Clients want communication. It makes them feel valued. Here are a few ideas that you can use.


  • Direct Response Offers – sending out postcard sized coupons or promotional deals on services to your patients will bring them in. Offer them something that brings them into the office. Offering 20% off of their next cleaning is enticing. Even if they don’t use it, they may pass it on to a family member of friend. You can personalize these offers to include their name, their last minute, and include a reminder to call and book their follow-up appointment.
  • Newsletters – sending weekly, biweekly, or even monthly newsletters containing information about new procedures, special offers, community events, facts, and tips is a simple way to stay in touch. One newsletter can be sent to all patients with an email. They can be linked to your website or social media pages. To increase sign up rates, ask clients if they’d like to be put on your email newsletter list. You can also provide a special incentive.
  • Community Events – creating or participating in community events exposes your business to potential patients. It’s a great opportunity to share dental health tips and practices, giveaway toothbrushes and other basic dental items. Events help your business reach a new audience of potential patients.
  • Advertisement – placing ads in the local newspaper, magazines, circulars, online, or on television will help you reach a broader target area of potential patients. Ads should be simple, concise, and informative that catches the eye.
  • Press Release – create captivating press releases to send to local media about new procedures, deals and offers, or your office’s involvement in community events.


Be Personable


Utilize your website to its maximum potential. Create social media profiles and pages that create an interactive place for your patients to go with questions and concerns. Both areas of the Internet provide ideal places to share information, facts, and tips regarding dental care. Share testimonials from satisfied customers. Create photo albums or slideshows of pictures from your clinic or community events. Share fun information about your staff; let your patients get to know who your staff is. The more trust and personable your clinic is, the more people will be comfortable coming to your dentistry office for care.


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