4 Hiring Insights to Improve Your Practices!

4 Hiring Insights to Improve Your Practices!

Let’s talk about hiring. At some point, your business needs help. You have some options. You can hire someone as an employee. You could outsource with a company like Clients ARM. You could work with an independent contractor or freelancer. All of these options have their own benefits. They also have something important in common. You must find someone who incorporates the skills that you need and who can help you fulfill the vision you have for your business. While interviewing individuals and organizations is a necessity, how do you know who can help you with your needs? Here are some insights to help you make the best decision for your business.

Pay Attention to What They Say about Former Employers or Clients

There’s an old saying about behavior that rings true even in the business sense. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. During the discussion about previous positions or previous projects, pay attention to what they say about those they worked with. If they have nothing to say but complaints, they’re not the right person or organization for your business.

Analyze Their Body Language

Body language can tell you a lot about someone in person or even in a video chat. However, there are some factors to keep in mind. For example, someone who sits with their arms crossed for the whole time are closed off and really don’t want to talk with you. That can be true, but you must also consider whether it’s cold in the room. Even if you don’t think it’s cold, it may feel cold to the other person. It’s also a sign of nervousness. Eye contact is another one of those pieces of body language we’re all taught is a necessity because it means the other person is engaged. Yet, in some countries, eye contact is disrespectful. So, that’s something to keep in mind.

Do they seem distracted and like they’d rather be doing anything else other than talking with you? If so, they’re not the right choice. Are they dressed appropriately? They don’t have to be dressed in designer clothing, but you should consider if they took the time to try to look nice for the interview. Do they roll their eyes when you speak? You know that’s disrespectful to you. Imagine how your clients would feel (and what would happen to your business) if you hired that person.

Listen to Their Tone of Voice as They Speak about Former Employers

We’ve all had bad work experiences. It could have been a coworker we didn’t get along with very well or a boss that we didn’t like. It’s easy to memorize the “right” answers to questions. There are lots of websites out there to help people prepare for interviews. So, you must do more than listen to the words they use. Consider the tone, too. Many people aren’t conscious of the tone of their voice when they speak. They don’t notice that it changes when they talk about someone they don’t like. Paying close attention to a change in tone can be a great way for you to determine if they still harbor negative feelings over a past experience or if they’ve managed to treat it for what it was and allow it to act as a lesson.

Ask Forced Negative Questions

A forced negative question is a question that forces the other person to give you an answer that’s negative. They can be hard for people to answer. It might take time for them to think of an answer (and that’s okay). What you’re really looking for is to see if they immediately go on the defensive instead of being able to be introspective enough to answer you. One commonly used forced negative question is “Tell me why I shouldn’t hire you.” No on really wants to answer that. The person you’re interviewing may be shocked. Yet, if they go on the defensive, that’s a warning sign that they’re likely to get upset when something doesn’t go their way in a professional environment.

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