I’ve seen consistent month to month growth

I am a solo Houston family and criminal defense attorney who hired Susan to help with my firm’s account management; including intake, client screening, retaining, financing for my clients, advance fee deposit collections, billing, and trust accounting.

Before meeting Susan, these areas of my firm were taking up too much of my time as a solo attorney. Sadly, I would often only run billing once I needed to pay bills. I never knew how much revenue I had at any time and my clients were frustrated by the lack of consistent billing. I was frustrated by the lack of potential clients calling my office and the overwhelming task of running a law firm by myself. Something needed to change or my firm would never grow. I didn't know it at the time, but what my firm was missing was Susan Manns.

From our first conversation, I knew Susan was somebody I would get along with. Like myself, she prides herself on helping others. I wasn't just a client to her, I was somebody she could help succeed in business. Before I knew it, I had spent an hour on the phone with her, like we were old friends. That phone call changed the direction of my firm. Since that day, I've seen consistent month to month growth, both in revenue and potential clients.

While I’m concentrating on my clients’ needs, Susan is making sure my firm remains a well-oiled machine. She is a responsive and knowledgeable professional who has set up an outstanding process to help my business grow. In fact, I’m planning to hire additional attorneys and support staff this year.

I cannot recommend Susan, and Attorney's A.R.M., highly enough. Do yourself, and your business, a favor; make the call to her today. It will be the best decision you've made.

Matt Tyson, http://mtysonlaw.com