Customer Service

We are a professional team of credit and collection managers who have worked in service industries and corporate companies. We have proven techniques that include processes and procedures we have perfected throughout our careers. We will come into your company and offer our skills and process review expertise to improve, correct, and refine your current revenue process. We will unplug the flow in the process that is hindering one of the most important functions of business - your revenue stream.

In the service industry, we can revamp or create a client intake department, which will actually set the quality consultations you so deserve. We will generate revenue that you may have been missing from your consultation process and increase the quality of your clients. Our credit management process will help increase your sales while decrease your bad debt percentage of revenue recovery.

We will help you establish an old-fashioned customer service process that is one the most important functions in a healthy firm or business.

We will revamp and train your administration staff to process their time and purchase orders accurately and efficiently, using state-of-the-art software to automate a previously tedious task. When accuracy is imperative, we can rework the revenue generation of your company.

We will correct the billing inefficiencies, including write-downs, write-offs, charge-backs and returns with our front-end credit process and ongoing advance fee deposit policies and procedures. You are worth every hour billed and every product sold. Let us show you how to bill your clients and customers exactly what they owe you.

We will also soft collect all the revenue you bill, maintaining the same old-fashioned customer service throughout the process, encourage great online reviews, and cultivate happy returning clients and customers.

We will save you money for the hard cost of the additional employees. We will help you keep and increase your existing and growing revenue. Everyone needs a helping ARM sometimes to get back up on their feet. ClientsARM can be the solution your company has been looking for.