Terms and Conditions

We, the Creditor, hereby assign, transfer, and set over to ClientsARM (ClientsARM), an LLC, 1814 South 266th Place, Des Moines, Washington 98198, for collection purposes the above claim or claims against said debtors. Creditor does hereby give said assignee full power and authority to collect said claim(s). We warrant and represent that the claim or claims assigned are valid and existing claims and we agree to provide documentation to support same. Creditor hereby authorizes ClientsARM to report these claims to local and national credit reporting databases. Collection commissions will be charged at the current published rates as stated above under "Collection Rates", unless otherwise agreed to in advance in writing. When accepting accounts for collection, ClientsARM acts only as Creditor’s agent and does not assume responsibility for the acts, omission, neglect or default of the correspondent, attorney or subagent to whom the account has been forwarded for collection or legal action. As agent, ClientsARM is authorized to proceed at once to collect the account at the published rates, and to accept payments and to endorse checks, notes, money orders or drafts for deposit, the net proceeds of which will be remitted to Creditor. Accounts that are forwarded to an affiliate or attorney generally mean a ten to fifteen percent increase in commission rates. If legal proceedings are necessary, Creditor will advance all the court costs and suit fees requested by the attorney. The attorney fees as allowed by the court may be retained by the attorney. Commercial collection rates are not always obtainable on forwarded accounts in certain localities where higher rates may apply. ClientsARM reserves the right to request a higher rate in these cases. Legal action will not be taken without authorization by Creditor. Commissions are due regardless of whether payment is made directly to Creditor or collected by ClientsARM. All commissions are deducted from payments received by ClientsARM. Creditor will remit commissions invoiced for direct payments. Any delinquent commissions, fees, costs or suit fees will be deducted from current amount due Creditor/Member/Client. Accounts placed for collection are not subject to withdrawal without payment of the commission. If merchandise or product is returned or received as payment, settlement or partial credit, one-half of the regular rate/commission will apply. However, if the account is forwarded to an affiliate or an attorney, one-half of applicable or prevailing rate will apply for merchandise and product returns. When it is discovered that a payment was made prior to assignment, a discovery fee of ten percent will be due. A cross-complaint is an independent action which must be defended separately. It will be necessary for Creditor to retain an attorney to defend the cross-complaint. ClientsARM will not be held accountable for any uncollected debt, any complaint by the debtor and will not be held liable for any such assumptions.