About Susan Manns

Susan Manns is a passionate, hard-working managing owner. She doesn't just direct her staff members and educate them to do an excellent job for law firms; she actually does the work.

Susan has more than 32 years of experience in accounts receivable management and credit management. When she walks into a law firm, she figures out the best way to create the best revenue stream and client relationships, and she provides the necessary education for the attorneys in back-office services and performing duties that leave the firm with happy clients, happy attorneys, and a positive revenue stream.

When Susan walked into the legal world in 2000 with her experience in corporate credit management, she created a process and procedure that has helped law firms all over the country grow or maintain the goals they have for their revenue stream.

Susan's references will tell you that she is passionate. She always gets the job done. For one firm, she has never missed a 90 percent collection for her billing in the entire 15 years of working with the firm. Her company is knowledgeable. In addition, her professional and well-trained staff understand the legal world.

If you are looking for a professional who truly understands what you do as a law firm, contact Susan for a consultation. Attorney's ARM is unique. There are few companies that do what Susan's company does. There are even fewer with the experience to follow through with achieving your company needs.

Look to Attorney's ARM today to help you with your firm's back-office needs.